BALLERINA 20 Cirre Black Leggings

BALLERINA 20 Cirre Black Leggings

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If you wish to enhance your presence both inside and outside the gym, you must check the Ballerina 20 cirre black. This kind of women pants offer what is best in glamor for women who want to be noticed no matter where they may be.

Made of Cirre fabric, a shaping tighter fabric  with a sparky textile finishing, made for special and authentic women, this kind of women´s pants offer a lot of benefits for the body such as flexibility, comfort and a fast drying.  

The Ballerina 20 Cirre Black comes with inner pockets and  buckled belts similar to those found in your favorite jeans. This women pants can be used during the day when going to the parks and also at night in more informal events such as parties or dance clubs.


  • More flexibility
  • Great comfort
  • Fast drying
  • Brilliant details


  • Color: fabric cirre with light and brilliant texture


85% Polyamide 15% Elastane.